Lead Household Appliances (Pty) Ltd is the sole Southern African agent for Speed Queen and Hitachi domestic appliances.

Speed Queen washers and driers have achieved legendary status in Southern Africa, and other parts of the world thanks in most part to their widespread application in commercial laundromats and other commercial  institutions, where they continue to enjoy an unparalleled reputation for simplicity, durability and performance. Domestic washers and driers come from the same production lines as their commercial counterparts providing customers with commercial reliability in the home environment.

Hitachi is a global Japanese giant that manufacture everything from light bulbs to nuclear power stations. The Japanese reputation for uncompromising quality is clearly evident in their range of high end refrigerators for the home. The range consists of energy efficient high-end side by side and top and bottom inverter controlled refrigeration systems.

repairs technician


Looking for a repairs technician or spare parts for your Speed Queen, Hitachi or Indesit appliance?

We have certified technicians available in Durban, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Joburg, Nelspruit, Pretoria, Cape Town and in all areas of South Africa.


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We’re excited to share this song with all Speed Queen enthusiasts out there! It’s about love at the laundromat.

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