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From precisely the same production line as the commercial washers and driers which have gained an enviable reputation throughout the commercial laundry world. Designed, manufactured and tested by the largest commercial laundry equipment manufacturer in the world.

Simple and robust mechanical and electronic componentry and a design that ensures Speed Queen washers and driers do not just provide unparalleled reliability, but also the efficiency required to ensure commercial laundry businesses have the highest possible productivity at the lowest possible cost.


Top load washers and matching driers, and a front load washer and matching drier in stainless steel cabinet that is simply without pier in terms of quality, longevity and energy efficiency – an industry best 42.4lt of water consumption per cycle in 10Kg of capacity with an impressive 400G Gravity Factor ensure drying times and associated electricity bills are reduced to the maximum possible extent. Welcome to the world of Speed Queen where quality is never compromised.


hitachi-fridges-repairs-after-sales-service-agents-domestic appliancesLead Household Appliances no longer import and distribute Hitachi domestic appliances.

However, we offer repairs and spare parts for Hitachi products. Please click the link below.