Another hit song release by duo Cornel Viljoen + Zanneli Casey

Zanneli and Cornel have released three incredible singles! We wish them every success!
Their music is harmonious and full of feeling and we are LOVING it.


jammer Zanneli Casey

Zanneli Casey
PA to the Lead Directors in Joburg.


Cornel Viljoen

Says Cornel: “The main guitar riff was written about two years ago but I never knew what to do with the song since then. I went on holiday a few months ago and made it my mission to finish the song.

For me personally ‘Jammer’ has a variety of meaning to it. I like bringing a melancholy edge to my songs and specifically this one. Something for the listeners to create their own illustration of what they may face in their life.

I then asked Zanneli to sing in the song. She has such a crisp and beautiful tone to her voice which just made the difference to ‘Jammer’. The one thing that was needed to complete the song.

Zanneli is an amazing singer, songwriter and lyricist .. She is a co-writer on our other projects/songs we are currently busy with.”


‘Wentelbaan’ (Just released!)

Zanneli – ons is baie trots op jou!

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