Little Eden Society – A Good News Story


Little Eden Society do the incredibly important work of providing life-long care to around 300 adults and children with profound intellectual disabilities.

They provide loving, permanent homes for these children and adults. Their dedicated staff provide 24 hour care and a range of activities and therapies aimed at helping these special angels reach their full potential.

Our commercial counterpart, Lead Laundry and Catering (Pty) Ltd were contacted by Bram Janssen (Director at Maxiflex) advising us of the plight of Little Eden who were without a critical washing machine to process their 2500 odd towelling nappies every day – not to mention piles and piles of tracksuits, shirts, socks, sheets, pillowcases and blankets.


Maxiflex have for many years supported Little Eden, and the call to help from another local Edenvale business for the most worthy local Care Home in Edenvale, certainly plucked at our heart-strings.

On Wednesday 27 July 2022, Lead installed a brand new Speed Queen SCG 060 (27Kg) industrial washing machine at Little Eden.

Maxiflex kindly offered to cover the cost of delivery and commissioning on Little Eden’s behalf. Thank you Maxiflex.

Little Eden are in need of even more laundry equipment with a further one of their washers in need of replacement – so please spread the word and continue to gather support for their fundraising efforts.

Let’s make the circle bigger.


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