Commercially Tested. Home Approved.

At Speed Queen ®, we practically invented tough. And we know exactly what it means to be commercial-grade. The washers and dryers we build for long-lasting performance in laundromats, hospitals, hotels and military bases are the same machines built to last 25 years in your home. Located in Ripon, Wisconsin, for more than a century, our machines are manufactured using metal instead of plastic. They’re built with rugged, commercial-grade construction and pushed beyond their limit in our state-of-the-art test lab, ensuring unmatched durability.

Speed Queen Home Appliances are Built Better to Last Longer

Want the facts behind the mantra? Speed Queen equipment is tested to last 10,400 cycles. In the average home, that’s 25 years of reliable performance—two to three times longer than other brands. No replacing your equipment every few years, and no wasting money on costly repairs. Because the industry’s best washers and dryers also happen to be backed by the industry’s best warranty.

For over 100 years, Speed Queen has been a leading name in Laundry Equipment. Our roots date back to 1908 as one of the original manufacturers of Home Laundry Equipment. Today, Speed Queen is one of the leading producers of washers and dryers. Our reputation is known for manufacturing durable, long lasting laundry equipment.

Our world class reliability lab in Ripon, Wisconsin, USA runs extensive product line testing 24/7. Our standards are set very high because the products must perform not only in normal use, but also in more extreme uses as they may experience in a coin laundry environment. Bottom line – they must be built better to last longer. For example, we run top load units for 10400 cycles, which could be the equivalent to a lifetime in your home. At 8 loads per week, that’s well over 25 years of continuous use. We conduct out-of-balance load tests for 600 hours with a wing attached to the tub. Using hoses filled with lead, break pad tests are performed for over 10400 cycles. Our top load washers don’t require a locking lid due to this advanced breaking system. Finally we test the all metal, ever smooth transmission by continually adding a cloth load for 500 hours.

Why do we have such high standards?

The same design used in commercial applications is standard on every Speed Queen home laundry product. Commercial quality components such as a stainless steel tub, porcelein on-steel outer drain tub and a heavy duty motor transmission are standard features for a Speed Queen. On the factory floor, all final testing is performed by experienced and dedicated Speed Queen associates. We test every washer on the test wheel to assure that all product is compliant with Speed Queen highest standards. We verify that all control features, temperature settings and cycles meet our standards for top loaders. Out of balance load handling is verified by adding weights to test accuracy during the spin cycle. The breaking system is checked during agitation. Each unit is checked by pulling the outer tub forward, releasing air from under the agitator and carefully inspecting the hose clamp. In fact each Speed Queen top load washer must pass 30 test procedures, each is run through an actual cycle with water and electricity just as it would in your home. This includes mechanical and visual checks and inspections. We want to make sure that before we put the washer in the box, it has the quality and reliability you would expect from your new Speed Queen. Simplicity and performance is the foundation of our products.

The investment in a Speed Queen carries the confidence of industry reliability and premium performance for both businesses and home owners. When you’re looking for reliable laundry equipment with an exceptional reputation, look to Speed Queen laundry.

Built Better to Last Longer


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