LWS21 Top Load Washer


Most Reliable Brand

Speed Queen® has consistently been rated by domestic appliance owners as the most reliable brand.

This is because our home laundry products go through the same tests, manufacturing process and quality checks as our commercial equipment – side by side – providing customers with commercial reliability in the home environment.

Tested to Last 10,400 Cycles

That’s 25 years of commercial-grade laundry performance.

 Thanks to a rigorous, 5-stage product-development process and extreme component testing, our machines outlast the competition.



Built by World’s No.1 in Commercial Laundry

Produced by Alliance Laundry Systems,  – with over 110 years of manufacturing experience.

Laundry is all we do. And we’ve been doing it better for more than a century. We design, build and test the industry’s best laundry equipment for long-lasting performance in commercial applications. And our machines are only the beginning. From our knowledgeable sales force, to our dedicated technicians and call centre staff, and everyone in between in 11 branches around South Africa, no one is committed to clean like Speed Queen®.















Tub Size 10,5Kg
Cycles 3 (Extra wash cycle: Delicate wash)
Wash cycle time (average) 35 minutes
Width 65cm
Depth 71,1cm
Height 109,5cm
Matching Dryer LDE3TRG

Experts in Fabric Care

Just think about how much your family spends annually on clothing. By anyone’s viewpoint, it’s most likely not a throwaway spend; it’s an investment. So, why would you opt for anything less than the best care possible for that investment?










First-class Warranty

LWS21 Top Load Washer
• 2 Year Full Machine Guarantee
• 3 Year Parts Warranty on Cabinet Against Rust
• 8 Year Parts Warranty on Transmission
• 18 Year Warranty on Stainless Tub (Lifetime)

* All warranties effective from Date of Purchase
* If sold for Commercial or Industrial purposes, or used outside the domestic environment, Guarantee / Warranty becomes Null & Void.

Renowned Back up Service

Excellent after-sales service, nationwide.

Lead is the only official importer for Speed Queen® major appliances in Southern Africa and have been selling and servicing Speed Queen® laundry equipment for over 30 years.

In the last 10 years, we have repaired and serviced more than 20,000 domestic model machines. Over 17,000 of these are at households.

Comprehensive Stock of Spare Parts

No waiting for spares to be imported or couriered from one branch to another, as we have comprehensive spares stockholdings in all major centres.

Women’s Choice Award, 5 Years in a Row


The Women’s Choice Award is based on the voice of hundreds of thousands of women across America. They are not compensated for voting, it’s based on what they know and love, and they love Speed Queen®.

Speed Queen® has been voted America’s Most Recommended Luxury Washer and Dryer 5 years in a row.

Legendary Standing

The equipment doesn’t have a legendary reputation for nothing. Speak to somebody that has owned a Speed Queen® and you will understand why they won’t consider anything else.

Jonathan Hericourt Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng When I bought my current house 10yrs ago, the owner included the washer & dryer in the purchase price. The machines were already very old, at least 15yrs & I was a bit dubious about whether this was a good deal. However, since then both machines have been a fantastic bonus & have given me another 10yrs of excellent service. I had previously heard of the reputation of Speed Queen, but I can now safely say that it is a reputation very well justified. I will never go with another make. Jonathan Hericourt Yvonne Bertasso Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I am the proud owner of my Speed Queen Washer for over 20 years now. Her High Capacity Load is fantastic as she gets used 3 times a week without fail. She is certainly "THE QUEEN" of Washing Machines - That I can certainly vouch for. Yvonne Bertasso Lyndsay Jackson Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Western Cape My husband bought these two trusty old ladies circa 1995, when he opened his guest house. No matter what, they just keep going. They've seamlessly moved from servicing guests, to coping with our family of 4 and now they're still happily working for just my husband and me. They've definitely grown older more gracefully than we have. Best of all, they require minimal attention, with very few call-outs - so un-demanding! Gotta love my Speed Queens! Lyndsay Jackson Steyn Verster Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng We bought our Speed Queen washing machine more than 20 years ago. Over the years our machine washed load after load after load after load of washing, with the barest minimal of maintenance, and absolute reliability. Its still going strong every day, and we love it! Steyn Verster Cathy Bothma Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Western Cape In 2007 I was looking to own property. There was no ways that I was going to buy the house if my SPEED QUEEN could not go with me. After much precise measuring... It's a tight fit, but she is still there where she was placed 13 years ago!! Obviously I bought the house. So on the 25th January 2021 I will be celebrating my 25th SILVER ANNIVERSARY my amazing Speed Queen. AMAZING!!! I will not buy any other brand should I ever need a new washing machine. Cathy Bothma Wilco Meyer Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Mpumalanga I bought a Speed Queen washing machine in 2007. We used it in our house until 2015. In the meanwhile I was asked to start an anti poaching operation to help protect the Rhino's. I then moved my Speed Queen washing machine to the camp. We were 9 people that used the machine. That machine was working every day. The machine was standing under a little roof on a pallet. The machine worked until June 2020. What an amazing piece of equipment. Wilco Meyer Jean Sleigh Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Western Cape My speed queen washer is by no doubt the very best of ALL my electrical appliance we have ever bought. In 38yrs of marriage its travelled from Jhb to Cape Town. Washed my babies’ clothes and my parents’. It’s a part of our family. Jean Sleigh Bennie Erasmus Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng Old faithful since 1998. A splendid bit of machinery that has served our family with distinction and since I retired 5 years ago has become my task as chief operator and our SQ just keeps on taking the challenge relentlessly. Will I ever buy any other machine NEVER !!! Bennie Erasmus Michelle Brits Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I bought my Speed Queen 30 years ago. Not one day has my Speed Queen disappointed me, when my kids were still home I did a couple of loads a week, to present day I am still washing with my trusted Queen. My machine has moved with me from South Africa to Botswana and back, I always just connect and have the confidence that my washing will be done. Everyone should know what a amazing product you sell, 30 years old, never broken down and still going strong. Speed Queen fan for life. Michelle Brits Martie Jacobs Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng We purchased our machine in 1995. This machine has never given any problems and I have never been disappointed in any way with this unit. Martie Jacobs Basil Dakes Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng Our Speed Queen has been with us since July 1994. What a fantastic machine that is so easy to use and always does a great job. We use the washer at least twice a week and considering that it is over 26 years old it has only been serviced 3 times. This is an amazing performance record from an appliance that makes life easier for us. Basil Dakes Alison Russel Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Kwa-Zulu Natal I bought my Speed Queen 27 years ago and it was an enormous purchase for me. This machine, however, has never let me down and does not owe me a cent! Therefore, it turned out to be a phenomenal buy! Alison Russel Bruno Dinino Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng We've had our Speed Queen for nearly 30 years!!! Had repairs only twice since we bought it. It is an easy understanding, very reliable washing machine. After all these years, our machine still looks good and works well. We would NEVER have any other washing machine, but a Speed Queen!!! Bruno Dinino Melvin Dodgen Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Western Cape
Twenty one years ago, my wife and I decided to buy two SPEED QUEEN machines a washer and a dryer. The machines never failed or disappointed us and whenever we walk into a shop that sells speed queens we would just stand there and admire it. We can honestly say SPEED QUEEN laundry machines really deserve it's name.
Melvin Dodgen
Deborah Whitfield Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng Without a doubt, my washing machine has been the most steady and hassle-free purchase of my life. It has ALWAYS been there for me and has NEVER let me down and is still going strong. I use my washing machine virtually everyday [for 21 years] and have never ever had any clothing ruined or spoiled by it. If only All purchases in life could be this great, wouldn't life be wonderful!!! Deborah Whitfield Caron Langley Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng Never been happier. I have both a washing machine and a dryer. I had a problem just once in the 20 years I have owned them with the washing machine, but not serious. Would recommend them to anyone, they both still going strong. Caron Langley Beryl Fraser Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Mpumalanga Our journey with Speedqueen started with a large family gathering on the farm in Zimbabwe '91 - our new acquisition contributed hugely to the success of the festivities. This machine was a vital part of our essential furniture when we relocated. We have built up a 24 bed B&B business + expanded the laundry to 5 top loaders + 1 dryer, all essential. We love the simplicity of operating these machines especially for staff. We have been blessed by the longevity of our Speedqueens and their wonderful service. Beryl Fraser Hennie vd Walt Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Free State Ons Speed Queen is waarlik 'n "Queen. Sy is tussen 35 en 40 jaar in ons diens. Geen probleem, altyd skoon en netjies gewas. Ons is baie gelukkig en tevrede met ons "Queen". Hennie vd Walt Reginald Els Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer KwaZulu-Natal My speed Queen is the best washing machine I've ever had, got it for more than 20 years now and it just keep going. Reginald Els Susan Carlson Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Kwa-Zulu Natal Our Speed Queen has undoubtedly been one of the most important investments in our 48 years together. Both my husband and I and the three daughters we have raised have been fully involved in sporting and outdoor activities. To cater for all the washing our Speed Queen has been a loyal servant. She certainly has been a QUEEN in our life. Susan Carlson Rita Lowrie Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I’m very happy with my Speed Queen washer and dryer. I have had my washer and dryer now for +-25 years. They do work hard as we are a family of four, with two teenage girls. I would never have any other brand but Speed Queen. Rita Lowrie Elzahn Krause Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I got the speedqueen washing machine from my parents in law as a wedding gift. I was very upset that they did not give me an opportunity to choose my own washing machine... Now after 27 years of washing I am so thankful they did not let me choose and that they bought a speedqueen. The wisdom of older people. My speedqueen is still going strong and washes the washing for a family of 5. No hiccups. Elzahn Krause Albie Cabrita Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I bought my Speed Queen washing machine in 1995/6 and it has proved to be absolutely reliable. It has worked relentlessly all these years. It has only needed a call out once - about 18months ago and it is still going strong. My next Speed Queen (if I need one) will probably outlive me. Albie Cabrita Annie Chetty Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer KwaZulu-Natal I got my first Speed Queen about 25yrs ago. I can confidently say it was money well spent! My SQ has really worked very hard over these years. From using it to wash everyday clothes to blankets to curtains at times, it has really proven to be a remarkable machine. It is so easy to use. I have not had many problems, maybe around 3 or 4 call outs over the 25 years of having the machine, which in my opinion is great. It has proven to be such a reliable tool in my house + has made my life easier. Annie Chetty Nicole Potgieter Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Eastern Cape I've owned a SQ washer + dryer for well over 20yrs. I have 2 children + am a farmer's wife so you can imagine the MANY dirty overalls + shirts with mud grease blood etc that needs cleaning regularly. We own a sand stone quarry + are on a gravel road -thus tons of dust. I also have always had dogs and cats, whose blankets + beds need washing weekly. My machines are used almost daily + with large unusual loads but carry on regardless!! I have never owned another brand + will not change!! Nicole Potgieter Elizabeth Woolls Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I have had my speed queen for nearly 30 years. My joke has always been that if I ever get divorced, my speed queen will be the first to go with me. Elizabeth Woolls Dewald Niemand Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng Best machine ever. Old, got it in 1985. One service and still running one or two times a week. Dewald Niemand Lynne Lewis Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Western Cape My beloved Speed Queen washing machine is about 25 years old. What I love most about my Speed Queen is that you can pause the wash at any point in the cycle if necessary or add an item that should have gone in but was overlooked - even once the machine has filled with water! There is really nothing to beat a top-loading, large capacity Speed Queen washing machine. Lynne Lewis Elizabeth Swart Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I bought my Speed Queen washing machine and Tumble Dryer at the end of 1995. Since then it has been working real hard. It started back then washing and drying my sons nappies and now it is washing and drying their overalls!! In all this time I can count on one hand the number of times that a call had to be logged for repairs and then I would not even use all fingers. I would not consider buying any other make as the service and work that these machines have done over the years were beyond excellent. Elizabeth Swart Charnellede Freitas Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng Inherited my washing machine and dryer from my mom in 2001. I love my speed queens wont ever change to any other make. Speed queen for life! Charnellede Freitas At Davel Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Kwa-Zulu Natal We bought the machine about 25/26 years ago because we still used cotton nappies for both our children. After they grew up, we started a guesthouse and the big tub machine came in handy to do the daily washing for all the guest rooms. A home appliance that you can rely on. At Davel Peter Lloyd Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng The best machines. Bought my first machines during 1987. Then new ones during 2004. There is no alternative to Speed Queen. Peter Lloyd Awie Bosman Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng Our Speed Queen washing machine and dryer are the second generation after Noah. At least 30+++ years. They reared two children and are still going strong with a call out to rejuvenate some minor parts. Our machines are family. Awie Bosman Melinda Abbey Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng My machine is now 28 - perhaps a few more- years old and has been used non stop. All I can say is that this machine has been the best purchase I ever made, it has been a loyal work horse with no problems and I would buy another without hesitation. My family has often said that they would have to bury the machine with me when the time came but are also hoping to inherit it - bit of a dilemma! Melinda Abbey Renay Tennant Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng My Speed Queen washer was purchased in 1989 by my sister's mother in law. When she moved into a smaller house, she offered it to me. I jumped at the opportunity because I had always dreamed of owning a Speed Queen. It still works perfectly and I'm still living the dream. Renay Tennant Karin Kahn Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Western Cape A note of appreciation to your company for producing such an amazing washing machine. I purchased my SQ about 15yrs ago (2nd hand) but even so, I have never been happier. She truly is a work horse of note, in fact she seems to function better under a heavy load. I have had many different makes of washing machines over the years, but can say without a doubt that the SQ out performs all of them. It is very reliable + for me, the best washing machine on the market, I would recommend it to anyone.
Karin Kahn
Batya van Wyk Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I love my speed Queen machine. No problems for the 20 years plus I am using the washing machine and tumble dryer. Will never change my speed queen for any other machine. Love them to bits. They are reliable. Enjoy them. Batya van Wyk Elmarie Krige Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I LOVE my Speedqueen; she is a TRUE and worthy "queen" and is worthy of her "crown" and has served me loyally for over 25 years! She is a indestructible lady who is not afraid of ANYTHING, just load her belly full and she gets on with the job - whether it is a blanket or dirty jeans or dainty ladies' stuff, she does it cleanly every time! Elmarie Krige Marie’Lise Ferreira Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Gauteng I have had my Speed Queen for more than twenty years. It is the best washing machine by far. It is versatile, from large pieces of linen and blankets to baby clothes! My Speed Queen is part of the family and will follow where ever life might lead us. Marie'Lise Ferreira Colin Pillay Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer KwaZulu-Natal We were newly married + purchased our Speed Queen Washer in 1984. This is one of our the best investments we made in our lifetime. The machine functions to this day exactly like the first day we set it up. We moved home in 2001 + gave "The Queen" her own room + she sits there happily. It is absolutely reliable + is very economical as we only use the use cold water washing. My wife always remarks + advises family + friends that the Speed Queen washer is like no other in the market. Colin Pillay Rhenier Kleyn Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer Free State Although ageing, like her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, our Speed Queen remains hardworking + loyal to her people. She never complain, always gives her best + never disappoints. She has been with us for 24yrs + over this period, have washed an astounding nearly 7000 bundles. Although break pads, a water pump + the likes were replaced, she still is an original beauty, which we really appreciate. Thank you Speed Queen for building these great machines, for adding value to our lives. Rhenier Kleyn Karin Stewart Buyers info LWS21 Top Load Washer KwaZulu-Natal I have absolutely loved my Speedqueen washer and drier bought in the early 90's. I really can't believe how long theý lasted. The washer was indispensable when my kids had masses of washing and now it's indispensable for washing my grandkids clothes. Karin Stewart