The Legendary AWNE8 and ADEE8 Washer and Dryer

Whether you’re a new parent, empty nester, enjoying retirement or somewhere in between, this Speed Queen AWNE8 and ADEE8 washer and dryer set has the features you’ve been looking for to fit your needs and lifestyle.


This laundry duo provides unmatched durability to tackle the toughest loads, and cycles gentle enough to protect clothes and perfect the finishing touches. The AWNE8 and ADEE8 are designed to provide a laundry day experience like no other.

Cycles for Every Stage of Life

AWNE8 Features

Gentle wash with Speed Queen Perfect Wash™
Durable stainless-steel tub
Full tub wash and rinse for maximum cleanliness
Best-in-class out of balance performance


ADEE8 Features

Up front lint filter for easy cleaning
End-of-cycle indicator
Moisture sensors and presets to automatically stop cycle once dryness level is reached

No Load too Tough for this Washer Dryer set

How do we know the AWNE8 and ADEE8 is ready to take on laundry day? Because they’ve been put to the test. From billiard balls and garden tools to hockey pucks and baseballs, if our machines hold up under these conditions in our test lab, imagine how long they will last in your home.

What is more… we’re so confident that our electronic washers and driers will deliver long-lasting performance, we offer 5-year parts warranties on the full machines! It’s peace of mind that no other laundry manufacturer can provide.

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