SA’s Longest Parts Warranty

We’re so confident that our electronic washers and driers will deliver long-lasting performance, we offer 5-year parts warranties on the full machines.
It’s peace of mind that no other laundry manufacturer can provide.


Speed Queen Parts Warranty

AWNE8 Top Load Washer


– Gentle wash with Speed Queen Perfect Wash™
– Durable stainless-steel tub
– Full tub wash and rinse for maximum cleanliness
– Best-in-class out of balance performance

All warranties effective from Date of Purchase.If sold for Commercial purposes, or used outside the domestic environment, only a 24 month parts warranty applies.

ADEE8 Tumble Drier


– Up front lint filter for easy cleaning
– End-of-cycle indicator
– Moisture sensors and presets to automatically stop cycle once dryness level is reached

All warranties effective from Date of Purchase.If sold for Commercial purposes, or used outside the domestic environment, only a 12 month parts warranty applies.

The decision to offer the best warranty in the industry is simple. Your warranty should match the quality, durability, and reliability of your product and ours is the best. Our machines are built better to last longer and we back it all up with our industry-best 5-year Speed Queen parts warranty.


Industry Best

5 Year Speed Queen Parts Warranty

Most major appliances sold today include a parts and labour warranty from the manufacturer. Almost without exception, manufacturers cover the cost to repair an appliance which fails as a result of a defect in material or workmanship for a term of one year. Most manufacturers publish warranty bonds in the product literature section of their website. Some manufacturers’ warranties are transferable to a new owner if the appliance is privately re-sold. Others also offer an extended parts-only warranty on specific components.


SO WHAT’S A 5-YEAR SPEED QUEEN PARTS WARRANTY WORTH TO THE CONSUMER? Let’s compare to a major competitor offering a one-year parts and labour warranty. If the electronic control failed in year 1, both manufacturers would cover the cost to replace the part at no expense to the customer. If that same failure happened in years 2 – 5, Speed Queen would still replace the part at no parts cost to the customer. If the customer purchased the other brand, they would have to pay as much as R 4000 to replace it. So the customer is left to decide – do they replace the control at a cost that is so significant or purchase a new washer. If they decide to buy new do they go back to the retailer who sold them the washer or bypass them and go elsewhere?


Commercial Electronics

Electronic controls from Speed Queen deliver dependability and washability like no other model. In fact, the electronic controls Speed Queen builds for laundromats, hotels and other commercial applications are the exact same controls we manufacture for home use. They’re the most durable controls on the market, and they’re designed to last up to 25 years in the home. Plus, they offer powerful features to get the best possible wash out of everything from delicate lace to the most rugged denim. Speed Queen electronic controls deliver unyielding strength and dependability. They are tested to withstand more than 10,400 cycles or up to 25 years in the home vs. 5-7 years for competitor models. Designed for 20 hours of use per day, 365 days a year, Speed Queen electronic controls have a proven record, with more than 500,000 installations currently in use in commercial environments across the globe.


In addition to long-lasting durability and an unmatched warranty, Speed Queen makes doing the laundry virtually stress-free with an easy-to-use electronic control panel. The electronic touchpad features a simple, push-button control and well lit displays to highlight selected cycles. The features on our electronic controls offer added flexibility, while giving you more control over your laundry — so each cycle runs exactly how you want it to.

CUSTOMER EXAMPLE: A customer comes to your store to buy a new washer because their old one was in need of expensive repairs. They want something simple like the old mechanical controls their parent’s washing machine had growing up. What your customer is really asking for is something as reliable as what their parents had. Speed Queen manufactures the most reliable laundry equipment on Earth.


Stainless Steel Quality

Stainless steel is an alloy of several different elements. It always includes iron and chromium. Iron delivers the strength. Chromium acts to keep the finish smooth and shiny and protects the iron base from rusting and corroding. There are primarily two types of stainless steel used in producing washing machines tubs, ferritic and austenitic. Ferritic, has 10% to 20% chromium content and less than 0.10% carbon. The use of this metal is somewhat limited because it can’t be hardened via heat treatment and won’t weld to a high standard. Austenitic, has 16% to 30% chromium content and 2% to 20% nickel. This metal has enhanced surface quality, formability and increased corrosion and wear resistance compared to ferritic stainless steel. An easy way to tell the difference between the two is with the use of a magnet. A magnet will stick to ferritic stainless but not to austenitic stainless.


The durability of steel and the fact that it doesn’t have to be painted or coated in any way makes it the ideal material for use in places where cleanliness is a very high priority, such as a laundry. Most laundry manufacturers use a 400 series ferritic stainless. This looks shiny and is easy to form during manufacturing. Speed Queen uses a 200 series austenitic stainless steel to produce its wash baskets. It provides increased corrosion and wear resistance compared to ferritic stainless steel and is roughly double the cost. The difference is in the nickel content.


Speed Queen provides a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel tub against rust or corrosion. Some competitors only offer a one-year warranty on their stainless steel tubs. An inner tub made from ferritic stainless steel with less chromium content may wear over time. This can result in rough, patchy areas in the tub that can damage your clothing and even rust. That won’t happen with a Speed Queen and we back it up for life.

So what does a stainless steel tub mean to the consumer? A consumer is deciding between a Speed Queen and a competitive washer and both have stainless steel tubs. They assume both are the same and ask why the Speed Queen costs more money. The answer is that Speed Queen designs their machines to last significantly longer than the competition and a big part of that is the quality and durability of the materials and components used. One area is the wash tub. Speed Queen uses austenitic stainless steel, which is 1.5 times the cost of ferritic stainless but provides superior corrosion and rust resistance. Speed Queen backs up their wash tub design with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion – many competitors can’t afford to do this and offer a  warranty of only a few years on their ferritic stainless designs. Replacing an inner wash tub can cost as much as R 5000, excluding the cost to replace any damaged clothing. Next time you are shopping for a new washer and comparing the quality of a stainless steel wash tub, don’t forget to bring a magnet!

washing machine weight

Washer Weight

The Speed Queen top load washer has a shipping weight of 88,5kgs, making it the heaviest in the industry. The majority of competitive units weigh less than 61kgs.


The gauge of the steel used to produce cabinets and tops as well as the material used for the outer drain tub impact weight the most. Speed Queen uses higher gauge steel in their top load washers, designed for the harsh environments of commercial laundries. In addition, Speed Queen’s outer drain tub is made out of steel with a porcelain coating. Most competitors today use plastic for their outer tub, a much lighter and less expensive material than steel.

Plastic parts can’t hold up to the wear and tear washing machines face in a commercial environment on a daily basis. With Speed Queen, you get a commercial quality washer that is identical to ones used in a coin laundry. They need to be built to last, which translates to an even longer life in the home. A consumer will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the purchase of a Speed Queen top load washer.

Your installers may not like the fact that a Speed Queen washer weighs considerably more than other brands, but customers will. Speed Queen uses more steel, where competitors use plastic. Speed Queen is designed for more demanding commercial environments, which translates to a much longer life in your home. And they back it up with the longest warranties in the industry.


Galvanised vs. Painted Dryer Cylinders

Most dryer cylinders are made out of steel. But we all know that without special treatment, steel can rust quickly. How quickly? Here is a link to one answer. To lessen the possibilities, manufacturers use different methods to minimize rusting. One is to use a steel that is galvanized, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. Speed Queen dryers use a G-60 galvanized steel. Another manufacturing method  is to start with a basic cold rolled steel and cover it with a layer of powder paint applied electrostatically. The painted option is good as long as the paint coating remains intact.


As the clear market leader in commercial laundry, our machines are subject to significant abuse. We duplicate those conditions in our life test labs. One test we run is called the buckle test. We continually run the dryer with belt buckles. It is very noisy, but simulates the long term effect of buckles, zippers, metal buttons, as they are tumbled in the cylinder. Over time, these can wear out a painted coating to the point where the bare metal is exposed and vulnerable to rusting. A galvanized base metal will not rust and there is no paint to wear off. We do not rely on a layer of paint, but spend more on the type of steel. Commercial customers demand this.

So what does a stainless steel tub mean to the consumer? You are still making car payments and your vehicle gets scratched in a parking lot. The scratch is deep enough where the bare metal is exposed. So you have three options – ignore it and watch it rust, pay a body shop to repair it, or buy a new one. Depending on the cost to repair, with a washing machine or dryer, many consumers will forgo the repairs and start looking for a new machine to buy. It’s a shame to do this with an “almost” perfectly good machine, but it happens.

Speed Queen is ranked best once again for it’s reliability by Consumer Reports

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