Why choose a Speed Queen washing machine?

Speed Queen washing machines are built tougher to last longer. Their rugged, commercial-grade construction is pushed beyond their limit at Speed Queen’s state-of-the-art test lab in Wisconsin, USA, ensuring unmatched durability. The following videos demonstrate some of their features.

Commercially Tested. Home Approved

Speed Queen laundry equipment are rigorously tested to last 10,400 cycles – up to 25 years in your home. The commercial washers and dryers we build for laundromats, military bases, hospitals and hotels are the same washers and dryers built for your home. Watch the video below and see how they undergo a barrage of innovative, rigorous and unique life cycle tests at the Speed Queen test lab.

The Speed Queen ® Washability Difference

Speed Queen washers feature innovations designed to deliver better wash results, faster. The flexible, high vane agitator in our top load washer rotates 210˚ at 68 strokes per minute, moving your clothes through water – and water through your clothes – for a more thorough wash. The stainless steel wash tub is smoother too, more gentle on fabrics.

Get the best out of every load with the commercial-grade construction and high-performance features of Speed Queen® washing machines. Head to head against the competition, Speed Queen delivers more washability. That means clothes come out clean and undamaged, wash after wash. Our machines do this by filling the entire wash tub — and filling it up to eight inches higher than competitor machines. By completely submerging clothes in water, clothes get cleaner. Combined with a high vane agitator that rotates 210 degrees to move more water through the linens, these washers deliver the cleanest possible results.

Not only are Speed Queen washers tough enough to deliver a thorough clean, they’re also gentle on clothes. The flexible agitator as well as a smooth, stainless steel wash tub are easier on linens as they brush against them, protecting the fabric from wear and damage. And that means clothes end up looking better and lasting much longer.

See what consumers say about washability.


Every Speed Queen washer is tested prior to leaving the factory. Our commercial and home laundry products go through the same tests, manufacturing process and quality checks – side by side.

Sylvia Froehlicher shares her laundry experience of the past 27 Years

27 years ago Speed Queen® gave Sylvia Froehlicher a free washer and dryer in exchange for documentation of her laundry habits and how the machines performed. And those machines kept running strong for nearly three decades until Speed Queen surprised her with a brand new set. Throughout those 27 years, Sylvia never had one service call. She loved how the washer spun her clothes dry and how she never had to think about her laundry, because she could count on Speed Queen’s reliable performance. She loved her Speed Queen washer and dryer so much, it was hard for her to let them go. That is, until they delivered her brand new, state-of-the-art Speed Queen equipment. And so began three more decades of commercial-grade performance in Sylvia’s home.

Speed Queen Washing Machines: Features and Benefits

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